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Stories to act out: along a course in the form of mazes, discover clues, decypher signs and you will follow the thread. In easy, difficult or even more difficult mode!

Two adventures are proposed, inspired by the History of Montendre, of which you are the hero or heroine, information to discover, signs to decypher, a labyrinthine course to follow and see just how the story unrolls. These are the ingredients of Mystorria® in which you will play with the help of your smartphone or tablet, your intelligence and sense of orientation.

But you can also create your own personalized scenario!

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Official scenario #1, "A service for the Empress"

It’s a catastrophe at the palace, the Empress is devastated: her finest china vase has been broken. She promises a reward for whoever can offer her a vase whose perfection will help her forget the loss. But the secret of absolute finesse, brillant white and transparency has been lost for some time now in the kingdom.
Dozens of adventurers have already tried to rediscover the secrets for making the purest items of china.
Do you feel you can cover the Empire of the rising sun, find the guardians of the secret of white gold and thereby pierce the mysteries of this ancestral recipe?


Official scenario #2, "Carnivorous Plants"

Panic stations! A mysterious spell has transformed the Drosera carniverous plants in Montendre into awesome hungry creatures which are now 3 metres high and devour anything that is unfortunate enough to cross their path.

If you try to confront them on your own, you’ve already lost out… you must absolutely ask the forest people for help, for they alone know and can show you the animal and plant species of Montendre able to vanquish the disorder that has struck the Drosera.
Pierce the secrets of nature and save the forest!


Professional space 

Make the park a private venue
For a private event (company incentives, birthdays or anniversaries... ), organise a one-off day at Mysterra


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