Each person has their scenario to become an investigator. Here you are with your back to the wall, with only your smartphone or tablet and a few clues as arms. It’s up to you to play and solve the investigation of your choice by discovering the culprit!

Each of the three scanarios is carefully studied to plunge you entirely into a medieval, contemporary or futuristic world, shrouded in a halo of mystery. You can choose from the scenarios made up by the park or entirely personalize your investigations.

Riddles to solve, clues to collect, suspects to profile, motives to identify to get you on the track of the culprit... Mystery alphabets, painted rocks, red herring signs... It’s up to you to solve the investigation in a natural setting which can give you complicit help, but also reserve a few labyrinthine traps for you.

But you can also create your own personalized scenario!


Official scenario #1, "The jewel of Knight Barbazan"

Date: Year 1402

On 19 May 1402, the "combat of the seven", opposing seven English knights and seven French knights took place. In the end, the French won this fierce combat which took place at "Motte à Vaillant" opposite Montendre castle. 

Covered in shame and confusion, the English made their way back to England. They had to pay the price of one diamond per man for this defeat. The French are preparing to make their way to  Paris, guided by Sire de Harpedanne, Viscount of Aubrai, to be congratulated in person by King Charles VI and receive their well-earned honours. 

On the day before their departure, a terrible piece of news reached the cortege. Knight Guillaume de Barbazan, at the head of the 7 gallant men, had his diamond stolen! 

Investigator of Montendre, you are called up to lead the investigation and find the precious diamond that has been stolen!


Official scenario #2, "Insect and Covetousness…"

Date: year 2017

Professor Euphydrias, a world-famous entomologist recognized for his work on insects and in particular dragonflies and saproxylic beetles has for several weeks now been enjoying the best days of his life: in Montendre park, he has discovered a species of insect unknown to date….
This news spread like wildfire round the world and soon a conference was organised in the large auditorium of the National Institute of Entomology. It is a resounding success: journalists, colleagues and the general public are rushing to have the opportnity of attending the professor’s conference and having a preview of the most coveted insect.
A few minutes before the event, the professor is found unconscious in his dressing room, and the species as well as the professor’s notes have disappeared…
Lead the investigation and make your way to meet the 8 identified suspects to find the stolen species.


Official scenario #3, "Intergalactic Tactic"

Date: year 4512

In the year 4512, Montendre enters into intergalatic history! The senior leaders of the seven kingdoms of space will be meeting in a few days in the heart of the Montendre forest to sign the peace agreement which will unite peoples for the coming thousands of centuries.
All the delegations have already arrived and are quietly taking advantage of the region’s riches... While they are preparing to bathe in the deliciously healing waters of Jonzac, there is a drama. Zorg, high-commander of the royal guard of the Prince of Azfar, 34rd planet of the 12th spiral galaxy, is found dead, with an anodised niobium dagger planted in his third heart… The peoples’ peace and future are at stake!
Delegated by dignitaries, make your way to meet the 8 suspects to solve the investigation and find Zorg’s assassin!


Professional space 

Make the park a private venue
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