Take a walk as a family in this nature maze. Can you say which fragrances you can smell and recognize the sounds? A place where your 5 senses will be called upon. Look around you and hone your senses…

Mysterressens® is a special maze amplifying  Mysterra®’s natural dimension. A place where you can come to rest and take time out to discover the wealth of plant, flower and tree varieties peculiar to Haute Saintonge. A place to give full rein to your 5 senses: smell and hearing, as well as touch, taste and sight.

A space created with special care by the Park’s gardner-designer with one aim: enabling you to take in the full extent of this bouquet of senses.

In addition to these sensory emotions, your smartphone or tablet, connected to the site, will tell you all you need to know about each variety presented.

A maze of sounds will also propose you a novel exprience: finding your way by ear. Don’t forget your earphones for the best possible perception.

A host of plant species to be discovered


Professional space 

Make the park a private venue
For a private event (company incentives, birthdays or anniversaries... ), organise a one-off day at Mysterra